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Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A graduate of St. Turibius School is…

Grades TK–2 Grades 3–8

A Follower of Jesus who…

  1. Knows prayers and goes to church.
  2. Knows right from wrong.
  3. Respects and loves others.

Faithful and moral Christians who:

  1. Participate in liturgy and prayer.
  2. Practice Catholic religious and moral values.
  3. Demonstrate sound decision making skills based on Christian morals.
  4. Live out the Gospels by responding to injustices in our community.

A student who…

  1. Enjoys learning and wants to learn.
  2. Uses computers.
  3. Knows how to write, read, and do math.
  4. Makes good decisions and thinks before acting.

Academically prepared, life-long learners who:

  1. Make practical applications of the skills they learn.
  2. Demonstrate their technological competence in basic computer skills.
  3. Communicate well through reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  4. Possess and apply strong critical thinking skills in all academic areas.

An Individual who…

  1. Knows that his/her choices and actions affect himself/herself and others.
  2. Accepts peoples’ differences.
  3. Uses his/her words to show what he/she thinks and feel.

Independent and self-confident problem-solvers who:

  1. Set goals for themselves and are motivated to achieve those goals.
  2. Practice conflict resolution when dealing with problems.
  3. Use their strong communication skills to express their personal beliefs and values.

A True-believer who…

  1. Accepts responsibility for his/her choices and actions.
  2. Wants to help others.
  3. Loves our country.
  4. Cares for God’s creatures.

Thoughtful and respectful citizens who:

  1. Take responsibility for their actions.
  2. Demonstrate appreciation for diversity by respecting others’ differences.
  3. Participate in community service.
  4. Study and form opinions about local, national, and global issues.
  5. Value the world’s resources by conserving, recycling, and reusing.

 A Healthy person who…

  1. Loves his/her school.
  2. Shows good manners.
  3. Exercises, eats properly, stays clean, and plays fair.
  4. Knows that family, friends, school, and God are important.

Helpful leaders who:

  1. Demonstrate leadership in their school.
  2. Practice basic courtesy skills.
  3. Demonstrate pride in themselves and their school.
  4. Help their families, peers, school, and church.

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